Undewater Swimmer


Whilst many athlete's who come to swimming later in life, shy away from learning how to tumble/flip turn in the pool - I would consider it a near essential skill for you to master. If you learn how to tumble turn, you will be able to get back into a more efficient streamline position quicker, carry more momentum into your next length - and subsequently swim significantly faster.


Critically, the more you can reinforce the streamline position into your stroke during each length swam in the pool, the more proficient a swimmer you will become even in the open water where tumble turns are not required. You will also feel more like a 'proper' swimmer. Whilst this may not seem important, the more you feel like a swimmer, the more you will enjoy it. The more you enjoy something - the more likely you are to succeed.

Learning how to tumble turn can easily be achieved very quickly. All you need is confidence and a desire to succeed despite a few inevitable initial set-backs. You can begin to learn by wearing a nose-peg, and progress to executing the turn without it. Once you have mastered the tumble turn, your everyday swimming will be instantly transformed and progress in your stroke will snowball from there.

  • Ensure air is in lungs prior to tumble

  • Carry good momentum into turn

  • Keep both hands by sides after final pull

  • Exhale as you bring chin and knees up to chest and tumble

  • Push off the wall with as much power as possible, returning back into the Streamline position with hands above head

  • Butterfly kick back to the surface and resume your stroke

  • Avoid breathing for a couple of strokes if possible