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"Although we polarise before we specialise, build capacity before developing sustainable power - every level of exertion must be experienced during a training cycle. There is a spectrum of intensity, there is a spectrum of adaptations. There is no single magic intensity to focus on, and there are no grey zones to completely avoid. Every intensity blends into the next one. Everything must be trained. To achieve high performance, there can be no weak links in the chain."


Pete Jeremiah

Based in the beautiful valleys of South Wales, UK - I have been helping endurance athletes achieve their goals since 2013. My services are available to Triathletes, Runners, Cyclists & Swimmers across all age groups and ability levels. Provided you are motivated and dedicated enough to succeed - I will be happy to work with you.

It takes patience on both sides to build a successful athlete-coach relationship, but once established, it can deliver higher levels of performance than any self-coached approach is ever likely to achieve. The world of endurance training is a complex one. With so many knowledgeable sources of information at your disposal, often with contrasting opinions or contradictory data, it can be very difficult to decipher exactly how you should be training.


When you are both the navigator and pilot of your ambitious voyage, it is very easy to become lost in the weeds of information overload. Having a single voice to guide you, and to seek advice from on a regular basis, ensures that your mind can remain focused solely on executing the scheduled training as intended.

Although we will always plan appropriately for short term goals on the immediate horizon, it is your long term development that is of primary interest to me. Any athlete can have one or two relatively good seasons. My focus is on developing you into a knowledgeable and resilient athlete who will thrive for many years to come. 


The path towards an ultimate ambition is rarely a particularly smooth one. There are always some bumps in the road, very often tears, and perhaps the occasional tantrum. It is the overcoming of such obstacles, rising stronger from each set-back, refusing to fail, which makes success taste even sweeter. Although we will always share the burden of disappointments together, it is only your desire that can ensure your success.

Coaching is delivered online via the TrainingPeaks platform, where you will be provided with a Premium Edition account at no additional cost. You will have unlimited contact with myself through the platform, enabling you to seek guidance whenever required. Your training calendar will be populated at least a week in advance, with daily workout adjustments made when necessary, in response to fatigue, illness, or simply a change in your availability.


With the plethora of data now available for post workout analysis, online coaching has become the norm for the majority of coached endurance athletes across the world. However, if you are local, and would consider it beneficial to receive one-to-one coaching sessions from me - these can be arranged.


If you are interested in my services, and would like to arrange a coaching call to discuss your requirements, please get in touch.

Many Thanks

Coach Pete