Image by Artem Verbo



Before you can  even contemplate learning how to execute an efficient freestyle swim stroke, you must first learn how to feel at home in the water. If you come to the sport of Triathlon without a competitive swimming background, there is a very good chance that you will be lacking a sufficient level of relaxation in the water. Although you may be confident enough to avoid a full blown panic attack (in the pool at least), in order to truly focus on executing a technically sound freestyle stroke - it is essential that you feel 'at one' with the your aquatic surroundings.

The video below will provide you with a sequence of basic exercises, that will increase your level of relaxation in the water. Only when you are feeling completely relaxed in your surroundings, will you be ready for the next stage of developing your freestyle stroke. 

  • Walk in the water (3:00)

  • Submerge face without goggles (3:13)

  • Floating in space (5:40)

  • Buoy (6:20)

  • Star (7:04)

  • Flotation (7:39)