Once the catch has been initiated through flexion of the elbow, and your hand and forearm have caught the new body of water beneath you - your elbow should reach an approximate 100-120 degree angle. You will then pull your body over the top of this body of water, with a propulsive acceleration of your arm towards your hip. During this propulsive phase, your hand and forearm should be facing the rear wall of the pool - pushing the water directly behind you.

  • Elbow bent

  • Palm and forearm facing the rear wall

  • Push the water directly behind you

  • Grip it (the catch) and Rip it (the pull) ...'Grip it and Rip it'

In the videos below, you will find some useful drills for developing the pull phase of your stroke.

  • High Elbow Scull

  • Under Water Recovery

  • Catch-Up