exhaling in the water

Despite being the most basic of human functions on dry-land, breathing during the freestyle swim stroke, can often leave untrained swimmers in a state of panic. A failure to sufficiently exhale, leads to a build-up of carbon-dioxide in the body, resulting in increased anxiety - and potentially disastrous consequences.   

The videos below will provide you with a sequence of basic exhalation drills, that will improve your ability to breathe during the freestyle stroke. Only when you have acquired this fundamental skill, will you be ready for the next stage of your stroke development.

  • Blow on the water (5:30)

  • Exhale into the water (6:40)

  • Exhalation squats (7:15)

  • Exhalation face down holding onto wall (7:53)

  • Exhalation with leg kick holding onto wall (8:30)

  • Exhalation through nose, face-up under the water (9:40)

  • Sink Downs (video2)