After the completion of the 'Recovery' phase (which we will come to in a few pages), begins the 'Entry'. Your fingertips should enter directly in line with your shoulder, like a spear slicing into the water at a 45 degree angle. As the arm enters the water, the arm straightens and the elbow locks - still directly in line with the shoulder. The hand should be the deepest part of the arm, followed by the wrist, followed by the elbow, followed by the shoulder. The visual cues to see at this stage are ...


  • Arm straight

  • Hand directly in front of shoulder

  • Hand below wrist

  • Wrist below elbow

  • Elbow below shoulder 

Please note, although it is important to initially make the arm straight to reach full extension of the stroke, it is also important not to stretch the arm so that the torso moves sideways and generates extra resistance. Stop the forward arm motion as soon as the elbow locks.