Swimming Laps

BODY POSITION & rotation

Once you have achieved optimal head and leg position, the body (torso) position will probably be effective. If there is an issue with the torso, adjustment of the head or legs will usually make the necessary correction. If the head is motionless, and the legs are elevated enough for heels to break the surface on the upbeat of your kick - it is much easier to maintain an effective body position throughout the entire stroke cycle.


To minimise resistance, the body must cut as small a hole as possible in the direction of travel through the water. To achieve this, the shoulders and hips should rotate in unison. Torso rotation is best synchronised with the arm entry – i.e. as the arm enters, the torso rotates downwards towards that side. In the video below, you will find a selection of drills that will assist you in establishing, then reinforcing, effective body rotation.

  • Arms by Side Kick Rotation (2:38)

  • Side-Kick (3:20)

  • Single-Arm (3:58)

  • Six Kick Rotate (5:17)

  • Corkscrew (5:58)